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Bill C-21 and the State of Canadian Airsoft and Paintball

It is important that you know what is happening.


People you know in your community have been notably absent from conversations and discussions. These friends and team mates are not ignorant or slacking. They are part of an unprecedented mobilization.

You haven't been able to see all the hard work underway on your behalf. ASIC (Airsoft in Canada), the Quebec airsoft federations, the Ontario, BC, Manitoba, and Maritime communities have been FIGHTING non stop, day and night for you. We've even formed a strong bond with the paintball community. Our hobbies are universally under threat, and we've unified against this legislation.

ASIC has gathered tons of financial and player data thanks to businesses around the country signing up to support our efforts. That data has gone on to support political meetings with high ranking government officials. Ministers have been engaged.

You're starting to see some of the results of that work, but airsoft is by no means safe. It remains in a perilous place. It needs your help.



  1. Stabilize our Community! You must continue to mail your MPs, and uphold the highest standards of behaviour in your community. Name calling, political trashing, and unseemly behaviour will not keep the support we're earning. Continue to bring people together. Do not take action out of frustration. Do not damage the image we are so carefully repairing.

  2. Share your story! Tell your friends and family about our sport, how much it means to you, how it's helped you, and what you'll lose if it's gone. Share far, share wide, share publicly. Show them the face of airsoft is someone they know.

  3. Sign the Petition! It's ALMOST here. Monitor this link. We'll notify you as soon as it's available.

  4. Watch the First Debate! The first debate of Bill C-21 will happen this Friday. Tune into CPAC to watch.



We know it's been a challenging time, and you might feel like you're the only one that cares. There are dozens of people working behind the scenes for you. The best thing you can do is show the world what a positive, inclusive, and welcoming sport this is.

We'll have more actions for you soon as part of a coordinated campaign to not only save airsoft, but give it legal standing in our criminal code.

You are not alone. Stay strong. Be the best example of our community that you can be.

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