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What you can do RIGHT NOW to help!

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Airsoft in Canada is asking everyone to write federal election candidates in their riding to find out what the political parties’ positions are on some important questions for the future of the sport of airsoft in Canada. In particular, we need to find out what the official party stance on handling airsoft is from both the Liberal and NDP parties. Find your riding’s candidates here:

You will need to visit their campaign website or search for the candidate’s name on the internet to find their email address. Please use the templated letter below and email it to your candidate. This is one time that we want the generic response, as it will represent the party’s position when you get a response. It’s important that this happens before the advanced polling on September 10-13, so that the parties’ official position is known to airsofters before heading to vote.

Post any reply you get and tag it #saveairsoft so we can see how the parties respond.

From: [Your Name]

[Street Address

City, Postal Code



To: [Candidate Name]

[Street Address

City, Postal Code



Dear Sir/Madam,

I understand that you are the candidate for my election riding from the [Liberal / Conservative / NDP / Green] Party. I am a constituent in your riding.

As I am sure you are aware, earlier this year the Liberal government introduced Bill C-21 which among other things aims to change the legal treatment of airsoft toys. If you were not already aware: airsoft is a sport enjoyed by tens of thousands across Canada wherein players tag each other with plastic pellets. Airsoft is a sport which is distinct from paintball, however it does appear similar. The airsoft industry represents hundreds of millions of dollars in the Canadian economy, and represents over 1,000 jobs. The people in Canada who play airsoft are a diverse, positive community, who through the nature of the sport work together, put aside any differences and seek to achieve the same end goal each weekend.

If passed, the proposed legislation would effectively destroy this sport and the community that I am a part of. Bill C-21 has unfairly threatened airsoft toys and the community over the last year and I cannot help but consider that my participation in the election process should include seeking your position on the matter so I can vote in an informed manner.

With the election fast approaching and as the community heads to the polls to vote, please provide your office’s position on the following:

  1. Does your party recognize airsoft as a legitimate activity in Canada?

  2. Does your party distinguish between airsoft toys that only look like firearms, and actual firearms when considering public safety?

  3. Does your party intend to ban and / or ban the import, sale and use of any airsoft equipment in Canada?

  4. Does your party have a plan in place to ensure the survival and sustainability of airsoft and the Airsoft industry in Canada?

  5. Is your party willing to engage in community discussions, such as with the national organization “Airsoft In Canada” (ASIC) regarding the present and proposed laws surrounding airsoft?

I look forward to your prompt response.

Yours Truly,

[Insert Name]

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