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What's the status of Bill C-21?

So, the writ has dropped and an election has been called for September 20, 2021. What does this mean for C-21? Parliament has been dissolved and all parliamentary work such as debating bills, committee investigations, and any unfinished business, all dies on the order paper. MPs seeking reelection, and candidates who have tossed their hat in the ring will be getting busy reaching out to influencers in their ridings to start earning votes.

Bill C-21 in its current form is officially dead … for now.

So did Airsoft win? Are we safe? Short answer, airsoft is not safe yet. But that’s the important question now. Bill C-21 is a wakeup call to Airsofters in Canada. We need to keep engaging with politicians and with the political candidates to remind them that airsoft is important to you, and worth preserving and protecting.

Airsoft has now become part of the public consciousness, and it’s up to all of us, as airsofters, to keep it alive in Canada. The Government has telegraphed its intention to eliminate airsoft from Canadian culture. This means that in the next parliamentary session (after the next Government is elected), airsoft may be in danger yet again. You can help prevent that by speaking with political candidates in your riding who may be elected in the election on September 20th. Tell them about the positive experiences you’ve had playing airsoft and remind them about why airsoft deserves to be protected.

So what can I do to save my sport? Get involved. Election campaign offices will be opening in your riding. Find yours here: Speak with the candidates in your riding to find out how they will support airsoft.

ASIC will be working with the FSAQ and will ask for your help in the coming week for an information gathering campaign. We’ll have further instructions for you soon.

Write your riding candidates about your positive experiences playing airsoft.

Other groups are also getting involved volunteering with candidates campaigns who will best support airsoft in the future government. Just a few people working for a candidate in a close riding can make a huge difference. Airsofters have a legitimate chance of saving their sport by engaging in the political process and talking to candidates in their riding. You can support the candidates who believe airsoft should be protected from further legislation.

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